Is Your Story Working? Take the Assessment

Photo from Flickr by Virtual Eyesee

Photo from Flickr by Virtual Eyesee

All too often people throw some language together to describe their organization. Then they build a website and call it a day.

How's that language workin' for ya?

Your brand story is more than just words on a page. It's more than a collection of thoughts you want to convey.

To really work some magic, your story needs to be told in the simplest, snappiest, most compelling way possible. Most crucially, it needs to be told from the perspective of your audience.

Let me pose 5 questions. Be brutally honest with yourself.

1) Are your execs singing from the same song sheet? (Or do people get a different story depending who they talk to?)

2) Does your website story clearly, boldly differentiate you from others in the market?

3) Can you verbalize (right now, without thinking) the most crucial thing every potential donor, client or customer needs to know? Bonus point if you believe your entire exec team would agree with you.

4) At networking events, are people intrigued when you tell them what you do?

5) With your previous responses in mind, are you supremely confident your story is exciting to people outside your organization?

If you answered 'no' to any of these questions, it's probably time to take a new crack at your brand story.