Recent Work: VitalityLink


This summer I had the distinct pleasure of working on a brand strategy for a lovely team of people at a start-up venture called VitalityLink.

Katryn Harris is the CEO and I could listen to her talk all day about her vision for giving people easy access to alternative healthcare.

Now I should start by saying I’m a huge fan of alternative healing.  I believe there’s a lot more to the human body than traditional medicine alone addresses. Because of this, the VitalityLink story is right up my alley.

Katryn and her team have zeroed in on a significant problem: tons of people want to try alternative healing but they don’t know where to begin. They don’t know a Reiki master from a naturopath and they don’t have the time to figure it out.

VitalityLink aims to be a one-stop shop for learning about your options and finding practitioners right in your neighborhood. It’s in inception phase right now and as I write this Katryn is in the Silicon Valley devising the next stage of her strategy.

I collaborated with the amazing Katrina Carroll-Foster on the brand strategy and hopefully in the coming months you will start to see it coming to life online.