What Clients Say

Jacqueline has all the skills you would expect from an accomplished communications consultant – clear and articulate writing, in-depth knowledge of social media channels and highly dependable to meet deadlines. What makes Jacqueline truly exceptional is her ability to uncover the threads that make a business unique. She asks questions you’ve never considered. She listens. She digs. She listens some more. Jacqueline uncovers insights and develops a narrative that connects, inspires and engages customers and employees. Equally as important, Jacqueline is an absolute pleasure to work with!

Brian Harris, SVP Product, Nets Group (formerly CMO, Western Union Business Solutions)

I have known Jacqueline since 2009 and she has never ceased to impress me - with her thorough grasp of social media, her amazing writing, her strategic vision, and, most importantly, her generosity. She has been instrumental in helping the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education (DLC) set the foundations of a vibrant social media, and she has helped the DLC put together an advisory committee of seasoned communicators to shape its long-term strategy. I will be forever grateful for the many-many hours of service Jacqueline has offered to the DLC, and her unique perspectives.

Natalia Angheli-Zaicenco, Storyteller (formerly Communications Manager, Dalai Lama Center for Peace & Education)

Jacqueline is quite honestly one of THE most talented communications professionals that I have had the pleasure working with in my career. She supported the development of an award-winning project that we worked on together and helped nail critical messaging that was essential to the project. I personally cannot wait for the next project that I can work on with Jacqueline. She is quite literally my go-to coms person when I have a key project that needs to be nailed! Not to mention she is an absolutely amazing person and a fantastic listener! 

Andrea Carey, MarCom Director, Western Union Business Solutions

Brought Jacqueline in to speak to my company's small business partners about social media strategy. Lots of skeptics in the room to begin. Jacqueline quickly won them over with her knowledge, personality and presentation skills. Survey results following presentation were exceptional. Had several business partners thank us for her presentation and also indicated they're now going to get going on their social media strategy - win/win/win - thanks Jacqueline! 

Graham Haigh, Insurance Expert (formerly VP, BC Region, Wawanesa Mutual Insurance)