Get Your Story Out


You have a compelling story to tell the world.

Jacqueline can help you tell it. 

At the heart of any great marketing strategy is a powerful story.

Jacqueline helps organizations discover the most captivating way to explain their mission, and the most efficient way to get their story to the right people.

She aims to bring humanity and clarity to every project - whether she is devising a marketing plan, creating a sales presentation or writing a speech.

She helps businesses and organizations:

  • Create pragmatic and differentiating marketing and communications plans

  • Communicate complex ideas in a clear, precise way

  • Tell powerful and unique stories

  • Bring information, products and services to the world

  • Create content that is full of life including brand stories, website copy, sales presentations, customer stories, news releases, opinion articles, thought-leadership papers and speeches.

Jacqueline’s service include:

Brand Story Development: The story you tell to the world should be thought-provoking, memorable and consistent across all marketing and sales channels. Jacqueline guides you through her methodology to create a unique brand story that sparks curiosity and conversation.

Go-To-Market Strategy: Tell your story to the right people. Jacqueline will develop a targeted plan to reach your audience. Your plan will align to your big picture goals and articulate a clear strategy for building relationships with your audiences. It will include precise action items and meaningful metrics to track.

Leadership Communications: Artful, thoughtful communication is a fundamental leadership skill. It affects your relationships with your team, customers, influencers and the media. When you bring more consciousness to how you communicate, the world can open up wide. Jacqueline provides customized counsel based on your situation and specific writing services including speech and presentation development.

Writing: Need to fast-track your next opinion paper? Or a lively set of stories to roll-out on social media? Jacqueline can work with you to create story ideas and bring those ideas to life.

In addition to her own services, Jacqueline works with a network of seriously-amazing freelancers including designers, developers and strategists.