Jacqueline Voci

Jacqueline is a brand storyteller, writer and meditation teacher.

She has years of experience collaborating with CEOs, executive directors and sales teams to craft laser-focused plans to connect with target audiences.

Jacqueline has a calm, collaborative style that brings a sense of ease to most any situation. As a practiced interviewer and facilitator, she unearths the most fascinating and differentiating elements of each organization’s story.

She has particular interests in renewable energy, environmental causes, healthcare, social change, leadership development and technology.

Jacqueline has worked with a wide range of organizations and businesses including: Western Union, BC Medical Association, Pacific Centre, Blast Radius, The Dalai Lama Center for Peace & Education, Grameen Foundation and SISU Vitamins.

Prior to founding Be The Change, Jacqueline co-founded of Soya Marketing (one of Vancouver’s first social media agencies). She was previously a marketing director at Intrawest, a communications director at Pivotal Corporation (during the height of the dot com boom) and a PR consultant at National PR.

Jacqueline also teaches Lightwork meditation, a simple and powerful meditation style that reduces stress and increases energy. She volunteers at the Lightwork Ecovillage, a sustainable community on Gambier Island.

Jacqueline holds a B.A. in political science from UBC.

"If we could change ourselves, the tendencies of the world would also change." 

Mahatma Gandhi